Organisational Performance


We partner with organisations to enhance their performance. We create business vision, ways to achieve the vision, value drivers for you to enhance the performance, methods to measure performance and to link performance with rewards. Our focus is on execution rather than advising, which reflects in our approach to create these performance drivers through consensus and get the ownership of all stakeholders. Our expert’s works with you to improve the organisation’s Human Resource Management System, Learning & Development and Marketing & Strategy to ensure consistency with the organisation’s needs and benchmarked industry practices.

Our services include:

Marketing & Strategy

  • Strategy Planning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Marketing/Brand Consulting
  • Performance Monitoring Mechanism

Human Resource

  • Creation and Establishment of Organisational Vision, Mission and Core Values
  • Establish a Business Plan and periodical review systems
  • Linking Organisational Business Performance with Individual Performance and Reward System
  • Creation of Balance Scorecard based performance system
  • Define, create and map organisational competency
  • Organisational Health Check-ups

Learning & Development

  • Bespoke Corporate Leadership, Managerial & Supervisory development programs
  • Service Excellence and recovery
  • New Hire onboarding
  • Brand Service Standards

Our Signature Programs are:

  • Stepping into Leadership series: For first-time managers and supervisors who need guidance in learning the essentials of leadership
  • Being the Heart: Effective managerial skill is the heart of any organisation. Being the Heart is designed to enable managers to acquire and polish their business managerial skill
  • You the leader: Absolute leadership program designed to transform participants into authentic leaders
  • Leader as a Coach: This uniquely designed program helps the leaders to enhance their people management skill to be an inspirational leader. We create people-centric inspiring leaders through this program