Family Business Advisory


Family Business Advisory

Family Business Advisory is one of the core business verticals for GatewaysGlobal. We focus on creating a perfect synergy between Family, Business & Ownership. Our in-depth experiences with family businesses of various sizes and industries have made our methods very unique.

Our 5C Approach to resolving issues that arise from the professionalisation of Family Businesses can be understood as follows


Family businesses have occupied a dominant space in global business framework. Distinct from other businesses, the practice of family business demands its own unique set of methodologies and practices such as

  • Creating a purpose of togetherness  by defining specific business portfolios for family members.
  • Designing and establishing  family constitution (Blue book)
  • Creating and implementing an induction program for next generation family members
  • Resolving conflict
  • Transition and Change management
  • Bringing professionalism into the Organisation
  • Coordinating with non – business family members
  • Coaching of family members.