Achieving Success Through People

Corporate Training Solutions

Gateways Global provides training and educational consulting services that address a broad range of learning needs throughout the enterprise. We help our customers achieve their business goals by bridging the gap between current skills and required capabilities. Design, develop and implement customized education solutions including training, documentation and integrated learning solutions that improve organizational performance.

We deliver customized training programs designed to address specific learning needs of corporate world under various domains.

 Leadership Development Programs


We work with you and your organization to develop the necessary leadership skills, awareness and traits to ensure success. Corporates often found that at least some of their employees are not comfortable in English though they are experts in their own subjects. This program is devised for such people and can be delivered at your place through the conventional mode or through the highly economical virtual online mode. We take the time to understand your current position and your future goals and draw on our extensive expertise to tailor solutions to suit you.

We create and implement customised leadership & Management development programs for all Industry segments.

Stepping in to Leadership

This one day high energy program teaches the individual, effective techniques to smoothly transition from an individual contributor role to a supervisory role.  This program is designed for first time leaders.

This training is delivered at GCLD, on site or at a public class room near to you

Being the Heart

For Managers who leads a team and looking forward to acquire the skill of General Management.

You The Leader

Innovative and practical way to learn the technique of a hands on leader. A leader who really walks the talk.

We provide expert training solutions to suit a variety of requirements. Through a careful matching process our experienced trainer’s assists, as you deal with everyday challenges and strategically navigate your career path.

 Leader As A Coach

Our strength based coaching approach helps you to manage the team beyond the traditional management styles. We deploy various simple and practical coaching tools which is addictive. We could customize the coaching methodology based on the organizational requirement and the personality of the leader.

 This program covers the philosophy and foundation of coaching along with the methodology and process that leaders could implement right away.

 Design of the program is a combination of instructor led class room session, small group activities, one to one feedback, reflective sessions.

 This program is offered to all managers and senior executives. We help you to create coaching culture in your organisation.